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Ripples Of Kindness Continues: Kindness Is Magic

They say, "if you can't be the rock, be the ripple." And I'm just trying to be the ripple!
In order to bring a change around you, you must be the change first; so I'm trying to keep my kindness spirit alive. And nothing can be more motivating than learning from real people- what is their definition of kindness?

We look at life through our own personal filters: our past experiences, our innate beliefs and theories. But if we remove those lenses, we can have a better clear view of a situation, and we may discover some solutions to those situations we didn't see before! People are always fighting battles that we cannot see, so a little kindness can lift them up, can light up the darkness.

Spread love and kindness wherever you go! I have come to realize that what makes us special and unique is not actually our success or fame; rather our ability to be compassion, selfless, and kind. It is our ability to share the "good things" with people, will make others see the good around themselves.

We share this planet, and there is enough room for everyone to improve and grow, to thrive and be successful. Have faith in humanity! Everybody is good in some way, so let's try to bring people closer, and restore kindness.

I am so excited to share Mrs. Van Antwerp's thoughts about kindness. She was so kind to answer all my questions. It was a beautiful experience to know about her 'Kindness Project' at school. I wish if we can all do our bit; if we can brighten our corner of the world, a beautiful revolution of joy might break out!

We can always increase the number of smiles on our planet. We can all try and lighten the load and brighten the day of other human beings. Not an easy task. But we can always give it a try!

1. What does kindness mean to you?
I believe kindness is treating every person who you come in contact with, even if that time is short, with respect, warmth, admiration, and love. The same respect, warmth, admiration, and love you would want for yourself. It's about digging deep into who you are as a human being to understand that we are all experiencing life together and we should walk this journey together, as friends. 

2. Why kindness is so important?
Kindness is very important and imperative to teach and model for our young students. In a fast-paced world filled with technology and social media, I find this truer than ever. Our world is diverse and allowing others to see this with appreciation and excitement allows kindness to come genuinely. It's important because when we experience kindness we are happier, more fulfilled, feel safe, and can be more likely to experience success. Every human being should feel this way. A learning environment filled with kindness and strong relationships is an ideal learning environment. Kindness takes courage, strength, and a genuine desire and willingness to help others.

3. Any kindness initiative or project you are doing right now?

See the document for details. 

4. How can we be more kind and generous to others? 
For young children, this involves teaching, learning from others, and modeling. Showing kids different ways they can be kind, even the simplest ways, allows them to learn and experience kindness. Some of these ideas, students may not have experienced or been taught outside of school. Some may not have positive role models around all the time. At school, we can show how kindness overpowers the negative! We can show how kindness makes better learning environments and makes a better world! There are many ways to be more kind and generous to others, big and small ways. As adults, we can help our youth learn and understand why being kind and generous are so important. 

5. Your introduction or bio you want me to include in the post?
Kimberly Van Antwerp, an educator in Grand Rapids, MI


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