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My Insatiable Appetite For Books- A Love Affair To Remember

I've a confession to make!
I don't remember how the affair started!

But my love for books have been immensely deeply increasing with each passing day. I've found my soul mate, my best friend forever, and my family, in a book. I've found my wings of courage and freedom through books, and ever since that day I've been reading and buying more and more books. There are so many books in my library that I want to start reading, do re-reading, and want to add it to my library. My appetite for books is seemingly increasing and seems insatiable day after day!

I cannot share my love (books) with anyone. I feel if I share it with someone (give it to someone), they will not take good care of it. They will not love and care for them, the way I do for my books.

I feel a connection, and at the same time a detachment too! When I bring a book(s) from the library; and after reading when I realize it's time for me to return the book, I feel an ache inside me- the pain of detachm…

Follow Your Heart

"Do it with passion or not at all." ~ Rosa Couchette Carey
How many times have you heard this phrase, especially from passionate, positively enthusiastic dreamers? Yes, that's how they see their work and life. I'm just trying to follow their footsteps. I absolutely love following my heart- be it in doing the things I love, or allowing someone to enter my heart and 'territory'! Do not be at the place or with the person who doesn't value you; or treasure you.

When you follow your heart, you can never feel tired and uninspired. Doing the things that defines you is so natural. They become a part of who you are, your identity, and your sense of self; and our heart is a very good medium that connects us to what we love genuinely. When we follow our heart, we see possibilities and growth everywhere. Our life starts brimming with happiness, good health, prosperity, and bountiful joy.

I was born with a heart that had dreams and many wishes. And I'm all set to…