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'7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results': Book Review

"Author Temel Aksoy's book, '7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results,' is a marketing guidebook that will encourage you to free your mind from marketing myths and to embrace the truth."

I was so excited to receive this book for review. I equally enjoyed reading the concepts and the needed tools; that author thinks are required to market any product and/or services. No matter what type of marketing you do, this book will navigate you through all the best possible choices, backed up by facts and the necessary rules to market your product. I found all these to be really easy to read and understand. With picture examples and illustrations, the book looks more interesting, and very helpful in simplifying the concepts of the "marketing process." I'm sure following author's marketing strategies as outlined in the book will help us 'brand' our business better.

Marketing and advertising was once a part of my career. I'm not experienced in this field, as I just worked for a month or two as an advertising/marketing consultant; but I always liked this career. Therefore, branding, rural marketing, copywriting, brand-consumer relationships, brand communications, etc. are my favorite subject areas. I love reading and exploring in this subject too!

7 Rules of Marketing provides great insight on how to best to understand your consumer (customers). Author Temel shares, there are more needs from humans related to marketing than that is just shared in the Hierarchy of Needs. It is important for the companies to know that, "individuals today need more;" if they are depending on advertising and marketing to sell their products!

My favorite quote from the book is,"Today, almost everyone feels like their connection to life has been severed if their cell phone doesn't have signal of if the internet connection is lost." This is so true! It shows the control cell phones have on our lives.

This book is packed with not just information on marketing strategies that actually work, but also the myths we have been believing all these years.

I would encourage everyone who is into marketing and is  looking for some very good tips and ideas to expand their company, to read this book; as it definitely explains advertising and marketing ideas for the current consumer needs.

After studying marketing, author Temel Aksoy began working in the marketing field and realized so much of his education was based on myths. He worked at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for many years and reworked on the best marketing techniques; that he has shared in this book. 

This book is for everyone who is looking for a fresh new perspective on marketing their products. The book provides insightful realistic solutions to refresh your product/brand and advises readers to discard the myths and  to follow the facts as expressed in this title.

I hope you find this book equally interesting and informational as it was for me; to approach marketing in a new successful way! Please do leave me your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.


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