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A New Start: Delving Into Career Goals and Planning

The Positive Window is not just a blog! It's my insight, on the perception of life. I remember when I thought of starting a blog in 2009, my intentions were so different than what they are today! I was looking for a platform to write my complaints, and my grievances- I wanted to be harsh in my words, and was yearning to pen down all the criticisms people had used for me in all these years- personally and professionally. But I realized, you  can't live a better life by complaining and comparing; by living those unpleasant memories again and again! I wanted to 'take flight'. I wanted to prevent unhappy memories from lurking around. And that's the reason I chose to turn my struggles, my failure stories into inspiring columns-to help others see possibilities and hope in their distress.

We've been given equal shares of happiness and sufferings; and it is up to us now how efficiently we use our blessings to move up towards the "light", and not let our self fall in the rut.

Adopting a growth mindset prepared me for encountering all challenges ahead. Looking back I now realize, how adopting a positive mindset has helped me feel comfortable and  made it easy for me to walk the new territories.

Starting out as a cultural reporter/journalist, next working with a production firm, in the advertising field, as a PR, and then completely ending up in a different world of corporate culture; my career have has experienced different paths of career field. But deep down I always wanted to create/join a platform where I can write human interest stories, share my experiences and inspire lives.

I know we live in a culture where our identity, our importance is  judged by the kind of career we choose.
There was a lot of "nah!" moments, rejections, comparisons, failures, and embarrassing moments in my career, where I was projected as inadequate and inexperienced; but I was a tough girl and didn't want to quit, because my enthusiasm to learn was bigger than the shame.

Do not get plagued by the society's demands and  expectations. And never ever judge your skills and abilities based on anybody's requirements!  It rarely feels safe and easy to be a beginner, be it starting a career, moving onto a new job, considering your priorities, balancing between work and life, or thinking of starting a career after a long gap! We all want to feel competent, confident, and proud. But sometimes mastering and surviving in a company's whirlpool of expectations requires lot of courage and patience.

I have few learning intakes from my previous jobs. And now that I have decided to take my career to new heights, I'm sure these suggestions will still help me [and you] to continue exploring and thriving in this "new territory":

1.  If you want to feel happy and satisfied about your job, learn to explore your limits. Reach out to learn all that you can, explore the undiscovered knowledge from the "database" and practice, and you're all ready to perform. I've never stopped learning in my whole career. I still do! I have asked for help in the past, and I still reach out to my seniors, and managers, and experienced people.

2. Disappointments, rejections, and failures are part of the job process. Inevitably conditioned! Irrespective of your certified skills, and mentioned experiences, you will face rejections and disappointments. You'll be compared and criticized, but do not give up! Take it as a challenge and try to accomplish the task. Never hesitate to ask for help; even if your subordinates/colleagues/project managers/managers judge you!

3. Begin with a positive mindset. Never say, "you can't" after you fail in your first attempt. This is a very important step when you're in your career roller coaster. You must believe in your capability to grow and improve; otherwise it's very likely that you will feel stuck and disappointed to move forward in your career.

4. Adopt a growth mindset. Growth is equally important for you as well for the company you're working for! But in order to grow, we must learn and explore. Learn new things and practice, and perform.

5. Let go of the idea that you should be anywhere other than where you are. Release yourself from the burden of believing that your current skill level defines you, and if you're performing any less than your  acquired skills, you cannot survive in the company/you're not a good fit to the company.  Starting something new requires you to believe that no matter how hard things get for you, if you keep showing up anyways, you will eventually see results.

Let's start new! Today is just the fifth day of 2020. Everyday is a new day to work on your goals, dreams, and on important "projects." Let's make this year our best year so far. Thank you for sticking around with me all these years, and constantly encouraging me to move forward in my journey of inspiring lives. You all motivate me to do my "job", to write more, to read more, and to be a better version of myself every single day. So, A Big Thank You 😍😊💓


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