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Can Lipsticks Create A Happy and Positive Mindset?

Yes, lipstick does more than you think; it's therapeutic.

Lipstick can give you a boost in your most unfavorable situation! That's fundamentally so true! Years of research has proved that especially when you're feeling under the weather, and nothing seems bright and convincing to you, try wearing a bright lipstick, and see the difference!

And yes, I affirm my statement that,"lipsticks can create a happy and positive mindset!" Putting on lipstick is a sign that you're aware of how to take care of yourself; especially during moments of adversity.

"This is a kind of self-care ritual that I like doing for myself."

Can you remember a time you were finding it hard to reconnect with your femininity, your identity as a woman? I have so many such experiences that happened with me. Especially after having a baby, we go through a roller coaster of emotions; and it's hard to take care of yourself when the focus is so much on your newborn, or on getting yourself out of bed to take care of the chores, family etc,.

"I remember the day when I was able to wear my favorite dress again, and got a chance to put some of my favorite lipstick again after becoming a mother; it was almost like getting back to my old identity. I could literally feel the vibrant power within me, that was lost after undergoing a massive change in my body!"

How lipstick could lift a woman's spirits? It can make you feel worthy and can bring spark on your face. It is that empowering!

There is a reason we are asked to take care of ourselves first and then to take care of the family; but only if we understand!

It is not just the physical appearance that is influenced when you wear lipsticks; but they provide a daily dose of therapy for emotional circumstances too! Many influencers and makeup artists swear by that; right lipsticks can positively impact our mood.  You can go for different hues to create that glamour or simply to bring  some spark to your style. Whichever shade you choose- that must make you feel the most confident, most cheerful, and most yourself!

There are lot of personal and professional perks in painting your lips. So why not?

1. Lipstick benefits in our health and wellness. Wearing our favorite color can make us feel happy and confident all day long.

2. In honor of celebrating femininity, we celebrate National Lipstick Day on July 29. Do not forget to flaunt your best color!

3. Lipstick create connections- brings together two women to one platform.

4. Lipstick can build the audacity in you.

5. It boosts your confidence and makes you a 'boss' at home or at work.

6. A woman finds a companion when she indulges herself in learning more her makeups, clothing choices, or what shoes she should wear. Participating in self-care creates positive psychological effects, and reduces our stress levels. We can also combat negative emotions like; fear, loneliness, anxiety when we take care of our beauty, skin, and body.

Experience the art of feeling like a woman, and the proud feeling of being a woman.


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