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The Ripple Effect Of Kindness Continues: Sharing Downloadable Kindness Quotes

I believe the ripples are catching up with each other to spread more kindness all around the world!
It is pretty apparent that the world is in need of more love and kindness these days; so why not
engage in doing some random act of kindness that will have a deeper impact on someone's life?

I'm so happy to share this kindness journey with FTD By Design. They have got an amazing collection
of flower bouquets, plants, cards, calendars, inspirational quote signs, and lots more to explore. This is
my first collaboration with the company, and I am very excited to share some beautiful 'kind' inspirations
with my readers.

Let's do what we can do; but do it with kindness, and let's hope to see the future unfolding in a
kinder way!

As we enter the New Year, the best resolution we can make is to spread more kindness.
You never know what someone around you is experiencing in their life and showing a little love
appreciation and positivity can go a long way in turning their day around. 

Being kind not only has a direct effect on others, but it has a positive impact on yourself as well.
Everybody can use a little bit of kindness in their life and by setting a few cheery reminders,
being kind can be an easy habit to incorporate into your current lifestyle.

While being kind is somewhat explanatory, try to think of out of the box ways you can show
kindness to someone today. Go out of your way to pay it forward by opening their door, telling
them that they look nice or even offering a helpful hand with a chore.

What better way to inspire kindness than through the use of positive quotes from leaders in the
world known for their selfless acts and compassion for others. 

To help make this easier, FTD has created downloadable kindness quotes and
printable thank-you cards so that you can write your own kindness quote to send to a friend,
relative or even co-worker. Download the following quotes to help you spread some kindness,
show generosity, and spread some positivity. 


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