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Cozy Reading Space Update with Photowall Wallpaper

I was thrilled when I came across this amazing wallpaper company called Photowall,which sells modern designs of perfect wallpapers, wall murals, canvas prints, and posters in a riot of colors and design patterns. Trust me they are sure to accentuate the room's best features, and is sure to help you transform your home to reflect your personality.

I had this idea in the back of my mind of creating a cozy reading space for myself and for the kids. And finally I'm happy to announce that our space looks perfectly cozy and extraordinarily beautiful with the Flowers Fade Pink Wallpaper from Photowall in matte finish.
Every time I browsed their site, I was wowed by their collection of wallpapers that showcased their designs made with passion and perfection. It's not easy to pick one design where you're presented with thousands of choices! I know styling a personal space or any public spaces is never an easy task; but with their selection, you'll be sure to find a persona…

A Plant-Filled House Supports A Healthier and Happier Mindset

If happiness comes from simple ordinary things in life; then tending to those houseplants is a very good idea! Houseplants not only serve as a good source of air purifier; but they also bring out lot of positive energy in the house. They make us feel happy. Would you agree?
We are inclined to feel happy and calm when we see green plants and flowers around us; not just because of their beauty, but they have this magical healing power of sending a message to our brain to unwind and relax! They make is easy to help us simplify our days. After a long day at work, or after running so many errands; all you would want to do is to come home to a relaxed, clean, and pure green foliage.
We are hardwired to feel full of energy and hope, when we connect with nature.
So its a fantastic idea to bring plants indoor for a pure  powerful connection. Since we spend so much time indoors, especially during snowy winters; growing your garden indoor with houseplants can be so refreshing and relaxing.


Don't Be Afraid of Change

"Don't be afraid of change.
It's leading you to a new beginning."

Change is hard! Change can be the cause of  that debilitating ache in our lives; but still change is for good. If you're anything like me, who hates change- personally and professionally, then we are in this belief together that, "change can be challenging but still we must take that leap."

Another January has come and gone, and now we have entered the doldrums of February; so I feel while those new year resolutions seeming to fade away, this is a good time to help them stick around in our lives by talking about 'change.' If change is the next thing in your to-do-list, then come along and read further. I'm sure this post will help you spark your flickering motivation spirits.

For me, change means 'evolving.' Evolving from what I was to what I could be!
Change in any part of our life can be easy only when we encourage each other to accept ourselves. Change must happen …