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A Plant-Filled House Supports A Healthier and Happier Mindset

If happiness comes from simple ordinary things in life; then tending to those houseplants is a very good idea! Houseplants not only serve as a good source of air purifier; but they also bring out lot of positive energy in the house. They make us feel happy. Would you agree?
We are inclined to feel happy and calm when we see green plants and flowers around us; not just because of their beauty, but they have this magical healing power of sending a message to our brain to unwind and relax! They make is easy to help us simplify our days. After a long day at work, or after running so many errands; all you would want to do is to come home to a relaxed, clean, and pure green foliage.
We are hardwired to feel full of energy and hope, when we connect with nature.
So its a fantastic idea to bring plants indoor for a pure  powerful connection. Since we spend so much time indoors, especially during snowy winters; growing your garden indoor with houseplants can be so refreshing and relaxing.

Past research and studies have shown that a plant-filled house develops a healthier and happier mindset. Even NASA's plant research tells us about the health benefits we get in return through "some" houseplants.

Plants not only take in carbon dioxide and return oxygen, they are very helpful in absorbing harmful toxins from the air.

Studies have also proven that indoor plants can improve productivity and concentration. A green view is worth than those expensive furnitures that any company or office space would use these days. The work environment is getting a face lift by accessorizing the corners, empty spaces, and the center areas with green potted plants and fresh flowers everywhere- to make it more welcomingly productive and relaxing. Indoor plants serve their best when it is about blocking all unwanted urban noises; and enhancing concentration and memory.

"I have a cozy corner (with lush green houseplants) in my house that leads to the patio. Every time I'm alone and feel the need to escape into a place to find more creative ideas and to filter my thoughts (to find motivation and concentration)- this is where I sit! I love sitting and reading a book there surrounded by these aesthetic beauties. 

Next time you're feeling lonely and/or thinking of buying a faux plant to make yourself feel happier and your 'space' brighter; just go for a real indoor plant. The idea of watering your plant and seeing them grow is a delight. I'm sure the experience will fill your heart with happiness and peace.


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