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Don't Be Afraid of Change

"Don't be afraid of change.
It's leading you to a new beginning."

Change is hard! Change can be the cause of  that debilitating ache in our lives; but still change is for good. If you're anything like me, who hates change- personally and professionally, then we are in this belief together that, "change can be challenging but still we must take that leap."

Another January has come and gone, and now we have entered the doldrums of February; so I feel while those new year resolutions seeming to fade away, this is a good time to help them stick around in our lives by talking about 'change.' If change is the next thing in your to-do-list, then come along and read further. I'm sure this post will help you spark your flickering motivation spirits.

For me, change means 'evolving.' Evolving from what I was to what I could be!
Change in any part of our life can be easy only when we encourage each other to accept ourselves. Change must happen from within internally; and then only the external changes could be visible and clear to us.

How to stop being afraid of change?

Change is hard; when instead of moving forward, we keep looking back. When we feel we're not ready to walk into the door that's ahead of us; because we are still staring at the door behind us. Detach yourself from your previous life, experience, career, and all "stories;" and look ahead what's there for you.

Change is easy; when you allow yourself to believe that, it's leading you to new better, brighter beginnings. The transition from good to better, or from good to very good; when you allow open space for hope and potential. Set yourself up for satisfying, attainable goals- when you are moving forward with the change.

"My journey with The Positive Window is not about changing you, or changing me. We can never change people. That's just the way the world is. But we can shift our need to be changed or improved to be more accepting and supporting each other."

Healing can only happen in the space of being and and of acceptance; when we're not looked upon as needing to be changed.

The idea of 'change' as it occurs to me is a need in the present hour! Change gives you the freedom and the courage to see yourself from the state of immobility to various opportunities chasing you. So don't be afraid of change!


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