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           Hello Beautiful People!


Welcome to my 'little positive space.' 
My name is Epsita. My besties call me 'Epsi'. 
I am a mom to my two beautiful kids. They are my inspiration.
I am nobody now, but trying to be someone, who is going to leave a dent in the world. I am working hard every single day, and cracking every possibility that will lead me here: "To become the woman who no longer needs to introduce herself."

I am passionate about photography, and writing (inspiring articles). I love creating styles for myself- my way, so I also write personal style and fashion posts. I loveee books and therefore I am on a mission  to create my library with the best collections of self help, positive, inspiring, personal, lifestyle, fashion, and home decor books. 


The Positive Window is a positive lifestyle blog to show- 
how life can be a very interesting and inspiring affair when we have
passions, dreams, purpose, laughter, healthy mind, sense of gratitude, and positive outlook towards our problems and failures.

BLOG TOPICS                                           
I have learned that, "everyday is filled with inspiration." In this blog I share my thoughts on life, personal growth & development, personal fashion & style, self- care habits, wellness & self-love, mindfulness & peace, and a little bit of everything else in between.

Never give up on what you really want to do and who you really want to be. 
Follow your Dreams
Follow Your Heart
Do What You Love Doing
Be What You Want Others To Be.


I hope when you leave my page- you feel the vibes of inspiration or motivation inside you, and you add another happy and fulfilling day to your life! 

If you feel even a pinch of positive and happy thoughts; while reading my posts, leave me a comment and let me know. I would be the happiest woman on earth to hear from you.

So if you want me to be a Guest blogger/writer, or write for you; feel free to contact me @ I am now accepting collaborations and sponsored projects. If you're interested to collaborate with me on a project, email me now!


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